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Celebrating the first decade in business

This year I am celebrating the 10-year anniversary of my consultancy business. I wanted (and still want) to make a difference and contribute to the greater good in a more meaningful for me way.

Over time, my business motto crystallized into two simple words: “Heal & Protect.” Help healing toxic work environments and protect safe spaces for the positive and healthy workplaces.

There are few lessons that I learned on my journey of building this business:

1. Importance of cultivating humility. While it is hard to heal workplaces, the habit of humble inquiry, asking questions to learn and hear instead of telling people what to do, helped me open hearts and minds of many to new perspectives on how we can work differently in the 21st century.

2. Continuous reflection on my values. I keep asking myself: Am I in this business for right reasons? What drives me? What am I good at doing? What impact do I wish to make?

3. I can run a sustainable business. Being an independent consultant gives you an opportunity to craft a job for yourself with an eye toward your life purpose. These days I ask myself how my skills, experience and values help organizations deal with the challenges of the moment? What can I do to use today’s crises as an opening to create meaningful change?

More insights and lessons are coming in my future posts. Follow me, like, comment and share my posts as your way to spread positivity in this world. Thank you!

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