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Imagine a spectrum from fear to trust. Every group and organization is operating within a spectrum from high fear to high trust, which also correlates with how this group or organization achieves its results. The higher the levels of trust, the more creative, innovative, dynamic and effective the group or organization will be. The higher the level of trust, the lower the turnover, grievances, silos, and internal politics.


Therefore, this training is for anyone who wants to work in a high trust workplace environment. Understanding behaviours, mindsets and attitudes enabling trust-building can benefit you at any stage of your career or work position. In particular, this training offers its benefits to young professionals, team leaders, heads of departments, innovators, trainers, internal consultants, project managers, and experienced executives.

Who it’s for

Classroom Lecture
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Meet your instructor

As an organizational designer I bring an interdisciplinary approach and extensive experience in adult learning, human systems intervention, organizational development, quantitative and qualitative research, and in leading successful consulting mandates.


I am passionate about promoting human-centered and people-focused learning processes that enable both the organization and people within the organization to be successful. I practice trauma-informed facilitations and trainings, using arts-based methodologies to create an enabling environment for applied and social emotional learning. 

Meet your instructor
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