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My business motto is crystallized into two simple words “Heal & Protect.” Heal workplaces and enable my clients to create healthy work environments. Protect safe spaces for people to express themselves without fear and hesitation.

To achieve this, I work with my clients. In practice it means that you and I work together to build your capacities to continuously improve your work after I leave your system. Together, we co-evaluateco-design and co-facilitate your organizational growth. 

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Official bio

Khurshida Mambetova is an experienced consultant withover 20 years in research and organizational development. A skilled anthropologist, she has a master’s degree in Human Systems Interventions (Concordia University, Montreal) and a graduate diploma in Human Resources Management (McGill University). 


Khurshida brings to the project an interdisciplinaryapproach that combines several fields: research methods, organizational learning processes, change management in complex systems, organizational psychology, coaching, and team dynamics. She is an active member of the American and Canadian Evaluation Societies, International Leadership Association and currently works as an independent consultant in Organizational Design. 


She has conducted numerous research projects for diverse networks and organizational assessments (40+) helping Canadian and international organizations in over 50 countries to create stronger organizational culture, forge stronger partnerships, build relevant and impactful engagement strategies to attract, retain and grow members for vibrant, resilient communities. 


In particular, Khurshida Mambetova has technical competence and experience in conducting complex research projects, extensive knowledge in applying, qualitative 
and quantitative evaluation methods, experience in gender analysis and human-rights based approaches, a proven record in designing and leading evaluations, and excellent ability to communicate with stakeholders. 

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How can I help?

Reach out to me. I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



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