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Trust in the Workplace

8 weeks, online

  • Learn how to assess the trust level in your team or in a workplace,

  • Build skills to restore and maintain a high-level trust culture,

  • Become an agent of change.


This 8-week course will equip you with the requisite methodology and give you the opportunity to practice your trust-building skills, ensuring that you can take your learnings directly back to your workplace and improve the work climate for yourself and others.

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Course schedule


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Learning objectives: 

Module 1 - Self-trust

Explore the anatomy of trust and psychological safety,

getting to the core of what helps or hinders your personal growth


Module 2 - Interpersonal Trust

Build support systems and explore your blindspots

when it comes to interpersonal trust


Module 3 - Trust at workplace 

Assess level of trust in your team; understand reasons for

resistance to change and learn strategies for building trust

and psychological safety in teams or organizations


Module 4 - Becoming an agent of change

Build your own case study and learn tools, strategies, and

approaches to building trust and psychological safety

Key dates to remember: group webinars

Fall, Wednesdays (6pm-8pm)
Fall, Saturdays (10am-12pm)
Module 1 - Self-trust
September 15
September 18
Module 2 - Interpersonal Trust
September 29
October 2
Module 3 - Trust at workplace
October 13
October 16
Module 4 - Becoming an agent of change
October 27
October 30

Meet your instructor

As an organizational designer I bring an interdisciplinary approach and extensive experience in adult learning, human systems intervention, organizational development, quantitative and qualitative research, and in leading successful consulting mandates.


I am passionate about promoting human-centered and people-focused learning processes that enable both the organization and people within the organization to be successful. I practice trauma-informed facilitations and trainings, using arts-based methodologies to create an enabling environment for applied and social emotional learning. 

Who it’s for

This training is for anyone who wants to work in a high trust workplace environment.


Understanding behaviours, mindsets and attitudes enabling trust-building can benefit you at any stage of your career or work position.


In particular, this training offers its benefits to young professionals, team leaders, heads of departments, innovators, trainers, internal consultants, project managers, and experienced executives.

Classroom Lecture
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Benefits and takeaways:

  • 3 individual sessions and a personalized development plan (1 hour/session)

  • 4 live webinars, including Q&A sessions (2 hour/webinar)

  • 4-part learner's workbook, including assessment tools and trust-building strategies

  • Additional reading material and learning resources 

  • Access to peer-learning and networking

Key leadership skill to master

Trust forms the foundation of healthy and thriving workplaces. It lies at the heart of a functioning, cohesive team. Without trust, teamwork is all but impossible. In the context of the workplace, trust is the confidence among members of your organization and teams that peers' intentions are good, and that there is no reason to be protective or careful around the group.


Ask yourself:

  • Can you be truly vulnerable and authentic with your team members?

  • Can you express your opinion in a candid and open manner without fear of reprisal in a team meeting?

  • Can you count on your team members and colleagues to provide you with honest and timely feedback critical to the success of your project?


If you have answered “no" or "I am not sure" to any of these questions, then this training is for you. If you are responsible for leading a team and you want to strengthen accountability, commitment or results delivery, then this training is for you and for your team members. If you are hoping to advance your career and have fewer interpersonal failures, this training will help you to avoid many pitfalls.

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